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Jackpot Farms

Our Girls

Here at Jackpot Farms, our girls are the center of our breeding program. As the saying goes, the key to any good breeding program is a strong bitch line, and we feel we are very fortunate to have such wonderful girls with strong pedigrees behind them. Our girls are very special to us and have to be exactly what we want to carry on, as we breed each litter with the intent to keep a puppy. Every litter we breed is meticulously researched and planned, as the future of our breeding program lies within the next generation. That being said, our girls are not always finished champions as we only show our dogs at select shows, and we tend to focus on the stud dogs.

However, our girls are worth their weight in gold, being such good house dogs, good producers, and wonderful moms to their babies. We only breed our girls a couple of times, and then place them in their retirement homes where they live out their golden years on someone's couch. A select few very special girls stay with us and become our bed dogs.

Tale of a Brood Bitch

Author unknown.

You buy a bitch, a winning thing'

And make her a champion in the ring.

She's sound, she's lovely, dysplasia free,

You want to breed her carefully.

Taking lots of time, you look around,

The stud, must be both typey and sound.

You study the pedigree 'till blind,

Building the litter in your mind.

Several possibilities appear.

You write back "My dog's the best"

Although the stud fee's out of sight,

You breed the bitch, the die is cast.

The next nine weeks don't go fast.

Of course, she whelps in the middle of the night.

With luck and care it turns out right.

The next eight weeks you fret and strain,

Feed and scoop in driving rain.

You take care with the homes they get.

This one is a show dog, this one a pet.

New owners call with problems dear,

You're on the phone for half a year.

AT LAST, the moment you've longed to know,

Your pups have come to their first show.

They all look fine, not one's a dud.

Then from behind you comes