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Jackpot Farms

Planned Breedings

Here is all of the information you need on breedings that are in the works, but have not yet happened.

Upcoming Litters

Here you can find information on litters that we have already bred for, including who the sire and dam are, what color the puppies should be, and when the litter is due.


Here you will find information, pictures, and sometimes video of our current litters. Pictures are updated weekly so you can be a part of the babies' growing process.

Use the buttons below to learn more about getting a puppy from us, and the things that come with it.

Purchase Process

Our Guarantees



Puppy Letter

Here is some important information on the health and care of your puppy.


We believe it is important that every puppy and dog goes for an annual Vet check, where they get looked over and receive their yearly titer or vaccinations.

Every Labrador owner should know about the dangers of Rimadyl. It is an anti-inflammatory drug, and should be avoided in Labradors. The Labrador breed as a whole has shown a predisposition to liver toxicity with the use of Rimadyl. As a precaution, we recommend to all of our puppy families to ask their Vet to put a note in their puppy's file that they are allergic to Rimadyl.

Labradors can also be prone to ear infections, especially after swimming or playing in the water. This is not a huge deal, but it does mean that your puppy or dog's ears should be dried out after a swim or a day at the beach. We reccomend TrizULTRA + Keto flush to clean the ears if they're getting gummy.


All of our dogs are given a daily vitamin tablet, NuVet Plus. We feel that our dogs are in optimal health and coat, which is obvious in the show ring, the field, and in every day life. It can be ordered here. We also recommend Nature's Farmacy Complete, which is a multivitamin, probiotic, and joint supplement rolled into one easy to give powder.

All of our puppies are started on Purina ProPlan 30/20 Sport dog food. It is an all life-stages food, and this is what our dogs do best on.

We also recommend Nature's Farmacy Probiotic Max as an added supplement to aid their digestive health. We give this to all of our dogs when they are on the road for shows, or just traveling in general. It can be ordered here.


Our puppies are handled on a daily basis from the very moment they are born, by ourselves and the grandkids, giving them a head start on human interaction, which allows them to be comfortable with people from the beginning.

We provide our puppies with the skills necessary to be a pleasant part of your home, and to handle whatever the world throws at them. Our puppies remain with us until they are 8 weeks old to be sure they are completely weaned and that they receive the imperative littermate socialization.

We expose all of our puppies to environmental elements such as dirt, grass, rocks, and snow and rain when available. They are also accustomed to other dogs and cats as well. All of this gives them the best tools for life, and is just the beginning to them becoming a happy, well-rounded dog.